The Strength To Succeed

Self-efficacy is not only important in learning but it’s also a cornerstone of life. As we grow older we learn every day and if we have the confidence in our abilities to learn we’ll have a much easier time accomplishing our goals and creating more meaningful and impactful experiences within our own communities.

Improving student self-efficacy because of improved teacher self-efficacy through teacher collaboration

The more teachers have time for meaningful interactions (project collaboration, planning, evaluations, etc…) with each other the more each teacher will grow. According to  research done by Lachance and Confrey “successful schools had teachers who had continual and substantive interactions…there is substantial research in the broader area of school reform that suggests that peer collaboration and support is a crucial pre-requisite for teachers to be successful in restructuring their classrooms and their schools” (Lachance, A., & Confrey, J., 2003)

” In response to the question ‘Why are some teachers better than others?’ a human capital perspective would answer that some teachers are just better trained, more gifted, or more motivated. A social capital perspective would answer the same question by looking not just at what a teacher knows, but also where she gets that knowledge. If she has a problem with a particular student, where does the teacher go for information and advice? Who does she use to sound out her own ideas or assumptions about teaching? Who does she confide in about the gaps in her understanding of her subject knowledge? -“The Missing Link” (Leana, 2011)”

If a teacher shows up every day, shuts their door to their classroom, teaches for the day then leaves, no matter how good of a teacher they are they’re going to be missing out on growing professionally and supporting their community. They’ll miss out because there is always room for improvement and growth in teaching practices and if they’re already a strong teacher then they should be giving guidance to newer teachers. They can accomplish all of this by making time to collaborate with other teachers.